A number of parliamentary groups in the House of Representatives, in the weekly oral questions session, on Monday evening, asked a number of questions about the quality of Moroccan television programs, especially the subject of Ramadan programming on official television channels.

In a question on the quality of the media product in the public pole channels, the PAM team criticized the transformation of Moroccan television in the month of Ramadan into “commercial channels through screen flooding with advertising links that address citizens’ pockets instead of their minds.”

Fatima al-Tusi, a member of the BAM group, said that the evidence for the “failure” of public pole programs was the Turkish series “Samhini”. “Our children were born with this series, which is on our screens for more than six years, They are keeping the names of all the characters of the series instead of keeping the national anthem, “adding that” this is a flagrant blow to national identity. ”

Minister of Culture and Communication Mohammed Al-A’araj confirmed that the ministry is continuing to take a number of measures aimed at increasing the quality of the media product in the public pole channels. He pointed out that the percentage of external production has decreased to 30% and 10% , Raising national production by about 60 per cent.

Minister El-A’raj confirmed that there are new scenarios that are being downloaded in order to strengthen national productions, cultural programs and programs aimed at children and educational programs by reviewing some of the legal requirements related to the campaign book.

In response to two questions about the “bad” Ramadan program productions, presented by the Justice and Development team and the Constitutional Rally, the most elusive that the number of views of some programs last Ramadan reached 10 million viewers; in reference to that Moroccans accept this type of programs.

In another question about the situation of the second channel company Suryad, and the promotion of financial crisis that threatens to continue, the lame drew that “the financial difficulties of Dozim exist since 2010, but not in the form that is talking about.”

In response to a question posed by the independence team for unity and reciprocity, the government has increased its support for the second channel from 45 million dirhams to 65 million dirhams since 2017 in order to help it overcome the financial problems it faces.