The Mediterranean Media Center held in Tangier the ordinary general assembly in the presence of most of its members, as well as guests of honor, where the outcome of the work of the last two-year mandate was presented.

The Center revealed through its literary report the outcome of its work during the first two years of its life, which included 15 introductory meetings and 9 activities distributed between seminars, meetings, workshops and training. The financial report showed that the Center avoided any financial deficit, despite the availability of a single partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

After the unanimous ratification of the literary and financial reports and the approval of some amendments to the Basic Law, journalist Abdel Rahim Al-Zabbakh was chosen to take over the executive office of a new term after renewed confidence in the consensus of the two congresses.

The new office is composed of 13 members. In addition to the president, Farhana Ayyash was elected First Vice-President, Abdul Ghani Al-Dahdwah as Second Vice President, Hamza Al-Metwawi as Public Prosecutor, Mohammed Al-Bashir Al-Ajouj as Deputy General Secretary, Al-Mokhtar Al-Arousi as Secretary of Finance and Waseema Haddad as Deputy. Abdul Wahid Esteto, Ali Abjio, Mohamed Boulezayeb, Abdel Rahim Balzkar, Abdullah Jaafari and Fouad Saadi.

It is noteworthy that the Mediterranean Media Center was founded in May 2017 and has worked since its establishment to achieve a set of goals, foremost of which is to contribute to the creation of the press and media work and to defend the freedom of expression and information and work to consolidate the right to access information and contribute to the continuous training of journalists and professionals. media.