Read some of the newspaper articles on Tuesday from the evening, which stated that a research institution in information security revealed the existence of a spy program tracking the cars of Moroccans using smart applications assigned to locate and adopt the system, “G, B, S” That it had reached a warning by one of the hackers on the Internet, in which he revealed that he had penetrated two smart applications used in transport and mobility by drivers in Morocco, and threatened to stop and disable the cars and engines.

According to the platform itself, the spy program broke into phone applications for smart cars, and the pirate has access to the accounts of 27 thousand drivers in Morocco, the Philippines, India and South Africa, through the applications of “Trak” and “Pro Trak,” which are applications used by companies Auto control, tracking and control of cars through the “G, P, S” device.

The same newspaper reported that the Supreme Council of Accounts requested documents and accounts related to the projects of the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” and the manner of financing them. He called on the Development Agency of the Northern Territories, which was among the shareholders to disclose all the projects that fully funded or partially contributed, For projects, in addition to the total cost of the projects to which they are involved.

The prices of fish, meat and vegetables have risen in the installment markets and excellent markets. Some of the relevant sources have reported that the prices of fish, meat and vegetables are high, This is due to the high demand from Moroccan consumers and the greed of some traders who take advantage of the opportunity in the absence of surveillance.

In relation to the crime of Shamhrush, Akhbar Al Youm reported that security and judicial research showed that the horrific crime in Imlil preceded the organizational and intellectual gaps of the main accused. According to the same story, the accused Hisham N, known as the Zlaiji, was interviewed by the Central Bureau of Judicial Research about his meeting with Abdel Samad, known as Abu Musab and Abu Assia, In a terrorist case in Salé prison, and there he knows of many Salafist detainees who adopt the jihadist ideology, and he was meeting with them. He also pointed out that he was captured for his desire to carry out a future jihadist project in Morocco after his release from prison through many operations, The seizure of a garbage truck belonging to a foreign company that manages the cleaning sector in Marrakech And detonated with explosives before carrying out a martyrdom operation against vital targets in the city, as the seat of security and military barracks.

Al-Ahadat Al-Maghribiya reported that the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s general secretary, Zuhair Sharafi, criticized the financial transactions of private clinics and doctors in the tax debate, saying: “When I go to a private health clinic they tell me they do not accept checks, “It’s enough to bribe, Enough is enough, Barka. It’s not about the behavior of individuals who can be counted on tiptoes, it’s the role of associations and bodies organizing the medical profession.”

The paper itself said that police officers at Marrakesh International Airport managed to arrest a 58-year-old French citizen who was preparing to leave on a flight to the French city of Bordeaux following an international arrest warrant issued by the Swiss judicial authorities for a sentence Imprisonment in a fraud case.

And Al-Alam, which reported that the members of the mobile riders’ division in Agadir had arrested a 26-year-old man on suspicion of involvement in cases related to possession and trafficking in psychotropic substances.

According to the same source, the suspect was arrested during a security operation in the neighborhood of peace enabled the seizure of 35 tablets of drug “Xstazi” and the amount of money obtained from his criminal activity.

According to the same newspaper, 50 per cent of Moroccans suffer from psychological problems, according to medical estimates, so that Professor Idriss Moussaoui, a specialist in mental health and mental health, that a Moroccan among the two have a psychological problem, during a meeting organized by the Syndicate of pharmacists Casablanca on psychological and neurological drugs , And the risks to pharmacists for this type of medication.

Al-Alam said that Moussaoui revealed that only one patient is detected out of every 10 patients in Casablanca, and that about 100,000 people suffer from Schizophrenia schizophrenia, explaining that 75 per cent of people who have suffered mental retaliation will live third, 100 per cent of those exposed to three psychological health crises will experience a fourth crisis.