A press quay At the beginning of the week we start from the evening and talk about the crash of a Bell 205 military helicopter in the south of the Kingdom. The evening indicated the killing of a colonel, a colonel and a mechanic.

The same newspaper reports that senior Air Force officers were assigned to the technical investigation, and a detailed report is expected to be submitted to the Supreme Commander of the Royal Armed Forces to find out the exact causes of the helicopter crash.

The newspaper added that strict instructions were given after the incident to engineers and technicians in the aviation forces to complete reports on helicopter pilots, especially that the incident is the second of its kind in the southern region of the Kingdom.

On the other hand, Al Masa has been concerned about the tax evasion of multinational companies, which makes the Moroccan economy suffer losses of up to $ 2.45 billion, noting that 82 percent of the levies are paid by only 2 percent of companies.

Al-Masa also reported that the average length of school in Morocco is 4.4 years per person, adding that the country has only 2.6 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants, 51 percent of hospital expenses are paid by families, and 46 percent are active With no health coverage, and women’s pensions are 70 percent lower than that of men.

The same source pointed out that 1.6 million Moroccans live in poverty, while three billionaires have more than 4.5 billion dollars.

According to a new report by Oxfam Morocco, the minimum wage is 154 years to earn one Moroccan billionaire in 12 months.

Al-Masa also reported that Russian media sources revealed that Morocco had handed over a terrorist suspect to the Moscow authorities. It is a Russian security fugitive, Ramzan Salamov, who is in Dagestan and has been sought by Russian justice after being accused of belonging to armed groups three years ago.

In another report, the same daily wrote that the Ministry of Finance’s General Inspectorate had been dissolved by the National Fund for Social Reserve Organizations (Knobbs) and launched an investigation into administrative and financial violations, most notably the internal bankruptcy of the Social Business Foundation, in connection with the granting of loans and the provision of medicines.

Akhbar Al Youm reported that the last day of the current mandate of MINURSO will be next Tuesday, the expected date for the UN Security Council resolution on the Moroccan Sahara issue.

The United States clings to the extension of MINURSO’s work for only six months, with UN envoy Horst Köhler being able to hold direct meetings in desert cities with the UN mission.

Al-Alam newspaper said that the initiative of the Istiqlal party was the one that brought the professors back to their departments in educational institutions, stressing that the mediation was carried out with patriotic zeal to close the views and thaw the ice between the ministry and the battered frameworks.

The newspaper reported a statement by Abdel Salam al-Labar, head of the unity and reciprocity team in the second chamber of parliament, in which he said that the move restored confidence between the Ministry of Education and striking professors, and that this encouraged the government’s commitment to its commitments.

The same daily reported, in another news, that Spain is trying to provoke Moroccans administrative procedures, including the prevention of buses that take them to enter the passenger area at the port of Green Island, loaded with luggage.

She added that the Federal National Office for International Transport decided to escalate the organization of stops at a number of ports and ports by bus, rejecting the unilateral decision to be activated starting from 8 May.

And the conclusion of the “Moroccan events”, which touched on the opening of an investigation into the way companies benefit from deals for the services of a group of demonstrations in the Dakhla, especially as ministries have reached complaints on the subject.

Angry people say that the winning companies do not exist in Dakhla despite the issuance of documents entitled in the city, which means the impossibility of providing direct performance, adds the newspaper, noting that the complainants are demanding punishment accomplices.

The newspaper also reported that tanks and heavy weapons were brought by Polisario leaders to face a peaceful protest in Tindouf. She added that a picture of what happened on the social networking sites was circulated as an attempt to silence the voices.