Read the articles of some weekend papers starting from Al-Masa’a. It was published that the King’s Undersecretary of the Court of First Instance in Yusufiya ordered the follow-up of five persons, including the Vice-President of the Tuymim Tribal Community in Yusufiyah. The newspaper pointed out that two others are following in the case of arrest, while pursuing a staff member of the same group and another person in the case of a temporary release, after payment of bail, indicating that the suspects were charged with falsifying the administrative document for a plot to sell them without legal basis.

The newspaper also referred to the mystery, which surrounds the loss of the end of Meknes stadium in the district of Sidi Bouzkri was meant by the neighborhood and youth teams, estimated at about one and a half hectares, noting that the pitch of the stadium may be worth more than a billion and a half centimes, The anger and the state of congestion returned to the front, add “evening”, which was reported in another news

That the majority of the march to the municipality of the market of the West Wednesday sent a letter to Mohamed Yacoubi, the governor of Rabat Salé Quneitra, to intervene to raise the status of the “Blockage”, which prevails a number of projects of the strategic plan, which was launched by King Mohammed VI nearly four years ago during his visit to the city of Quneitra .

In the same issue of the evening, the Association of Independent Economists calls for radical tax reforms to reform Morocco’s tax system. These reforms include the rejection of any kind of tax opportunism and dictations that could jeopardize the national economy, redistribute income, Reduce social and spatial disparities. The Association of Independent Economists has proposed the application of an excess tax on income from rents, the elimination of low-cost duties, the easing of tax administration burden and the reduction of cuts to wages.

We read in “Akhbar Al Youm” that the disciplinary council of the Regional Academy of Education and Training in Marrakech issued a disciplinary punishment that suspended a professor for one month from work, with her salary being suspended during the same period and not being counted in the promotion after she asked a cleaning worker to compensate her in the custody of the contracted professors’ Was held at the Sidi Abderrahman secondary school in Marrakech on 25 December.

The “Moroccan events” reported that 60 members of the so-called Polisario Polisario assaulted a man named Salem Maulainin Sweden, where they smashed his head and smashed his teeth. According to the same diary, the Swedish family, upon returning from the so-called “Statistics Center”, which was intended to prepare an identity card for a Sahrawi mother who was accompanied by her sister in a car, was arrested by the so-called Polisario, the family. The newspaper added that the men got out of the car to calm the situation and avoid embarrassment before the women, before finding Salem Mawainin Sweden himself under whips.

We conclude from Al-Alam, which reported that two police officers were assaulted by three brothers when they were performing their normal duties at a police checkpoint on the road between Nador and Zuggangan. The newspaper added that the policemen stopped a light car with the three brothers on board after routine monitoring at the entrance to the city of Zghgangan, and when the personal data were shown that one of them subject to a national research note, the other intervened to prevent the arrest of violence against the policemen, causing them injuries required to be transferred to the hospital . The newspaper pointed out that one person was arrested, while the other two fled to an unknown destination, before being arrested and heard them all, and referred them to the Public Prosecution.