The beginning of the week’s edition of Akhbar Al Youm, which has been written, states that this year there is a slight decrease in the number of fasting hours for Morocco, with an estimated daily length of 15 hours and 15 minutes in Rabat.

According to the International Center for Space Science, which distributed Islamic countries according to the length of the fasting day in Ramadan, the longest day will be in Algeria by 16 hours, and the shortest in Somalia by about 13 hours and a half.

According to the newspaper “evening” that doctors and pharmacists from Spain are involved in the smuggling of drugs to the Kingdom of Morocco.

The newspaper touched on the dramatic investigation of the sixth television channel in the Iberian kingdom, touching on the imaginary profits of drug smuggling networks towards Morocco, where the price of medicine is up by 800 percent.

The “evening” that the drug does not exceed the price of half a euro may reach 60 euros when marketed among Moroccans, noting that doctors and pharmacists of Spain participate in the smuggling through false recipes.

According to the same investigation, the “evening” explained that this process is draining medicines in the Spanish pharmacies and flooding the black market in Morocco, leading to large profits from the pockets of citizens in Morocco.

The same source adds that a number of drugs involved in this illegal treatment are used in the manufacture of hallucinogenic pills, popularly known as “kargubi”, by mixing anxiety removers with alcohol and cannabis.

Elsewhere, Al-Masa reported that the Fez city council was offering property for sale in order to pay billions of dollars in debt, in a move that raised many questions about the beneficiaries.

The same daily reported, according to an informed source, that the collective council of the scientific capital is moving towards the sale of a number of real property to pay its debts, especially funds associated with the implementation of judicial rulings issued against him after involvement in the physical attack on property owned by others.

She added that the council decided to resort to the shortest way to provide liquidity, while raising significant questions about the process to coincide with an emergency freeze of a number of heavy provisions, some of which exceeds half a billion centimes.

Al-Masa’a said that the desired answers are related to the secret behind the implementation of a series of judgments against the collective council of Fez in order to take advantage of the time factor to avoid debt repayment, pending the activation of the sale and the collection of money, and the beneficiaries of the brokering of the remaining balance Real estate.

In the news of the incidents, the same newspaper wrote that the court of the wrongful tropics will begin on Monday to consider the file of 51 Maseri and users of call centers, raided on the basis of information from the “Diesti,” noting that the accused were followed up on charges of the monument, License, misappropriation of specialized lines, participation in incitement to prostitution and assistance in the practice of prostitution, in addition to the employment of minors in work that poses a danger to their morals.

The research, according to Al-Masa’a, enabled the police to monitor these criminal acts in coordination with the central authority charged with combating crimes linked to modern technologies. Five mock centers were set up to appeal to several Moroccan cities.

In another report, the same daily reported that an investigation involving bankers accused of embezzling large sums of money from banking agencies after forging special documents added that the data revealed that they were connected to a bankrupt frame that managed to embezzle 650 million centimes and was initially convicted of five years’ imprisonment.

The Association of Special Education has sharply criticized the Minister of Education for his policy towards this sector and expressed reservations about the methodology of preparing the final draft of the draft law, considering that this formula left a wide area of ​​ambiguity and interpretation, , The system of licensing, accreditation and recognition of certificates, as well as the audit system.

The same newspaper spoke about a cautious rapprochement between Cuba and Morocco, noting that the Ambassador of Havana was dissolved in Rabat two years after the extraordinary visit by King Mohammed VI to this country supporting the Polisario.

The Cuban ambassador, who is based in France, met with the Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, and it is not known if he met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation while the Latin American Director of the Ministry, as well as the Mayor of Rabat, is sitting.

The “flag” reported that on 4 May the Spanish authorities deported a pro-Frente POLISARIO to the city of Tangier and did not know the reasons for the security operation.

In a file on cinema in Morocco, the same daily reported that the number of cinema halls moved from 350 halls during the 1970s to less than 30 today, and that the city of Oujda, alone, lost 8 halls and maintains two closed rooms.

The theme of the film is the disappearance of the rituals of watching movies in the halls of cinema during the holidays, while continuing to “the real estate” to devour most of these cultural and artistic spaces; turning the past to the present to chase the curse of extinction “Art VII.”

“The crime of Shamharoush, which claimed the lives of two Scandinavian tourists on the outskirts of Marrakech, adding that the first group of accused began to implement their plans on several levels after the failure to join the” da’ash “in Syria and Libya.

The newspaper quoted sources close to the file, that the extremists exceeded the use of white weapons and car run-ins to think about explosive belts and explosive devices, car bombs and setting fire, and also the assassination of political figures and security poisoning.

Moroccan events also pointed out that certain targets were set by the concerned parties, including hitting army barracks and security centers with booby-trapped trucks, targeting a tourist resort in Marrakech and threatening the safety of tourists in the city itself and the surrounding area of ​​Eureka, in addition to Casablanca, A season for the Jewish community with explosive belts, in addition to the robbery of banks and carriers of funds, and the liquidation of the most prominent sheikhs of the Salafi Jihad and some of the agents of the Authority.

Elsewhere, the same daily reported that a Polisario leader’s contribution to his wife of 25,000 euros for her satisfaction, documented by the angry family of the woman, provoked outrage in the Tindouf camps.

The fact that the Polisario representative in Angola collected $ 9,000 a month for a long time and the embezzlement of a man on a similar mission was $ 1 million in South Africa.