Read some of Thursday’s evening paper from Al Masa, which states that Algeria is making monthly compensation close to the trust of US President Donald Trump’s adviser to move against Morocco’s autonomy proposal to resolve the Sahara issue and to promote its interests.

“The evening” that the Algerian authorities have entered into an agreement to pay 26 thousand euros a monthly compensation for a company to defend the interests of a person from the circle of trust John Bolton, US national security adviser in the administration of US President, Donald Trump.

The locust swarms of areas of Marrakesh appealed to the Ministry of the Interior. A special locust control committee of the Wad El-Bor group of the province of Chishawah was established as part of the first precautionary measures to deal with the locust hazards. Approximately 60 hectares.

For its part, Akhbar Al Youm addressed European and Spanish intelligence warnings and experts on security and terrorism issues from the threat of a group of Spanish and Moroccan jihadists, “Living Dead,” a group of jihadis who have been apprehended by terrorist groups or killed in Tire, , As they used this trick to evade the security and intelligence services to stop tracking their track and control of those close to them, according to an investigation revealed a Spanish newspaper.

On another subject published by “Moroccan events”, the collective council of Sidi Boumoussi in Taroudant was finally dismissed as a collective delegate after he was arrested in connection with the investigation into his allegiance to al-Qaeda.

According to the same news, the Council explained the decision of the continued absence of the collective adviser on the sessions of the Council without justification.

The same paper reported that the Frente POLISARIO had arrested a UN official working for refugee relief in Tindouf and had been incarcerated during the protests in the camps, prompting officials to dismiss him in the absence of any information about him.

“Moroccan Events” also featured a Spanish television program in which Escobar said it was earning 180,000 euros a month (about 200 million centimes), adding that it sold 1000 packs of 36 tablets a month for 5 euros per tablet. That it cost him to get from Spain only 1.5 euros, and thus entitled to call himself “Escobar Morocco”.

According to the same news, the alleged narcotics baron revealed the true security story, and the research and investigations conducted after the broadcast of the television show that he was just a car guard agreed with the scenario for 2000 dirhams.

The “Moroccan events” that the arrest of the accused and the mediator of the press crew residing in Spain and implicated the Spanish channel in a work away from professionalism and objectivity.

And to Al Alam, in which the Association of Friends of the Kingdom of Morocco in Argentina condemned the brutal repression of the Polisario Front against detainees in the Tindouf camps, where they are subjected to various forms of torture and deprivation of their basic rights on a daily basis.

The newspaper pointed out the death of a young man from the Tindouf camps, Ahmed Ould Mohamed Aldid Atsha outside the camps while trying with three of his companions to flee the hell of the camps and infiltration into Mauritania, but found themselves at the mercy of the desert freedom after the breakdown of their engine, to save the remaining three.

We read in the same article that pharmacists are threatened to follow up the case because of mental, psychological and neurological drugs. The Association of Pharmacists of Casablanca called for a serious and real debate on the subject of drugs for the treatment of mental disorders and mental and neurological diseases, which is surrounded by many question marks, and is often addressed from the wrong angles, the absence of real data and information, which contributes to the creation of a state of The confusion that casts a shadow over citizens and pharmacists.

The Socialist Union newspaper reported that the interests of Marrakesh security state in April ended the activity of about 157 suspects arrested on the basis of research and investigations carried out, and the seizure of about 40 kilograms of anesthetic and more than 600 hallucinogenic tablets, in addition to about 50 Grams of solid drugs.

The same daily newspaper said that human rights and civil activities in Safro city called on the worker of the region to work to open an urgent investigation into committing a number of sand quarries around the city for serious violations without restraint. He pointed out that it had previously been decided earlier to close some of the quarries concerned and to send a rebuke to others , Before the local public was surprised to return to work again.