The Cuban Foreign Ministry summoned the Algerian ambassador to Havana and asked him to send a letter to the officials in Algeria to pay 450 million dollars (equivalent to 4500 billion Algerian centimes) ), The Polisario financing bill based in Cuba, receiving military training and providing the Cuban Government with shelter, food, clothing and all other necessities.

According to the same forum, Cuba threatened to deport all Polisario residents if the Algerian embassy does not provide the companies funded with accumulated bills for a year and four months.

The same week, Cameroonian parliamentarians sought the expertise of the Moroccans to form Cameroonian and African parliamentarians through the partnership signed between the African Parliamentary Foundation (LEAD) and the organization behind its founding Paul Biya and the Maghreb Africa Organization.

We also read in the “Press Week” that Abdel Wafi Lafitit, Minister of the Interior, for a convalescent period in France could hasten the cabinet reshuffle in Morocco with the possible appointment of an interior minister.

The news pointed out that Abdul-Wafee Lafit had witnessed the recent changes in the Ministry of the Interior, the changes that forced the transfer of the viceroy Mohamed Yacoubi to the post of WAL in Rabat, replacing the Mahdi, who may be the decision to appoint him in Tangier merely an introduction to his appointment to a larger post, .

According to the same weekly, the Frente POLISARIO launched what it called a fund-raising campaign to build a mosque in the buffer zone, which is under Moroccan sovereignty and was established by Rabat under the responsibility of the United Nations “voluntarily” in 1991 to facilitate the requirements of the cease-fire, Liberated areas.

According to Al-Ayyam, what the Front has done is contrary to Security Council resolutions, which have always refused to respond to Polisario demands for military deployment and construction of buildings in the area east of the wall to the Kingdom’s international border with Algeria.

In an interview with Al-Ayyam, Khalid al-Samadi, the minister of higher education, said that any decision on the language of instruction requires a transitional period of five or six years, taking into account two things: first, the language of teaching or teaching language within an integrated pedagogical system; On the new leave, master, and doctorate system, the same government official stated that it is a concept that has matured to the present, and is currently in the process of moving from the three-year leave system to the bachelor system in the Anglo-Saxon educational system, Years of leave.

In another interview in the same issue of the weekly “Days”, Mohammed bin Siddiq, who worked on the farms of Saddam Hussein and lived close to his fall before being kidnapped and imprisoned by Nuri al-Maliki without any charges against him, Ben Siddiq said he was tortured Even to the death of the Moroccan team because of the victory of the Iraqi team in the semi-finals of the Arab Championship for the teams organized in Saudi Arabia in 2012, and was tortured again because King Mohammed VI is “the Prince of believers” and not Ali bin Abi Talib, and because of the decision of the Moroccan authorities The Iraqi school in Rabat was closed on charges of publishing it for the funeral. In the same dialogue, Ben Siddiq asked the Moroccan state to help him, expressing his desire to hug his two children and live beside him.

Al-Watan now highlighted the debate over the memorandum of the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training and Scientific Research, which forbids various demonstrations at the Moroccan University. Said Nasheed, a researcher in political Islam, said that the alliance of the left with justice and charity is political suicide, best example. Ali Boutawala, the national writer of the Vanguard Socialist Party, said Amazazi’s approach to preventing cultural, intellectual and enlightenment activities was wrong, would lead to more obscurantist and authoritarian ideas and would not stop violence at the university. He stressed that the fight against fundamentalist forces will be achieved only through genuine reform of the University and the spread of freedom and intellectual dialogue and ideology.

Rachid Muqtadir, a professor of constitutional law and political science at the Faculty of Law at Hassan II University, believes that the elements of rapprochement are almost non-existent between the political system and the Justice and Charity Group.