Read some of the weekly articles from the “Press Week” published that politicians leading a secret initiative to fold the file of the detainees of “rural mobility” royal pardon, as some of the deputies of the Secretaries-General of major parties, the majority and the opposition, a major political step and presented to the heads of parliamentary parties to sign Agreement.

Al-Manbar said that this secret initiative, which is overseen by senior politicians, aims to resolve all outstanding human rights issues, including the follow-up of journalists, political activists, and detainees of the rural and jaradah movements, and may raise either an appeal to King Mohammed VI to issue a general amnesty for all detainees on the occasion of Throne Day Next, or get the green light from these parliamentary parties to prepare a bill amnesty within the parliament concerned those files.

The same weekly wrote that the future of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) could be shaken by the US administration’s tendency to declare the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, and although the White House spokeswoman did not specify whether it was only the Egyptian group, After the Arab countries confirms that the future of Islamic groups ahead of an unprecedented crisis.

According to the “Press Week”, Mohamed Abdel Nabawy, the head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, raised the possibility of amending the Family Code during his participation in a conference organized by the Ministry of the Community. The letter was sent by King Mohammed VI to participants in the 5th Islamic Conference of Ministers Responsible for Children 21 February 2018.

The weekly added that Abdel Nabawi stressed that the practical experience to implement this text showed several imbalances and shortcomings, assuming full awareness of the constitutional gains approved by the Constitution of 2011, with regard to strengthening the institutional aspect related to strengthening the protection of the family in general, and women and children in particular.

In an interview with “The Press Week,” Abdel Fattah Bouzoubaa, a former official at the Ministry of National Education, pointed out that the education crisis in the Kingdom began when France broke its promises. “We know that our education is a double education. The world is forcing us to open up to languages, so that Morocco is at the level of the challenges posed by globalization and the market economy. ”

And to the “days” that pointed to the return of the strong man in the Ministry of the Interior and the east of the redness of the face again, which began amid the rumors about the possibility of appointment in a sensitive position, after two years of absence in view of the talk of forced retirement, For a shudder of the upper circles, caused by mistakes in the recent legislative elections.

According to the weekly sources, he is talking about the possibility of appointing Adres as ambassador to Morocco in one of the countries with which he has strategic and distinct relations in Morocco, having been circulated earlier to be ambassador to Rabat in Mauritania.

In an interview with Al-Ayyam, Mohammed Sabila, the Moroccan writer and thinker, spoke about the second wave of the spring and the protests and the outcome of the rule of the Islamists in Morocco. He said that Moroccans, whenever they engage in technology and technologies, are interacting with technological and cognitive revolutions, Fall into the global capital market, becoming expendable beings that are accounted for in the major commercial banks.

Mohammed Sabila said that so far the Islamic movement has managed to maintain its unity and moral credibility because of its keenness on integrity, and this comes from its ideology. This is a fundamental gain; for example, other former parties quickly faded away, because they did not have the necessary moral rigor.

In an interview with Al-Ayyam, Iman al-Gharis, who wanted to blow up the parliament 16 years ago, said that I was a girl who was exploited by extremists. They brainwashed me with their destructive ideas and taught me the wrong way. I was 13 years old and helped them exploit me. I was sentenced to five years in prison for terrorism and I am a minor. In 2003, I spent two years before taking out a royal pardon. I was replaced by my brother. I was psychologically rehabilitated and sent back to prison with the criminals and me and my twin sisters. Today, I am at the age of The 30 I still suffer, no work available and no government assistance.

Iman Awad added that “to fight terrorism must know the circumstances and circumstances, and must adopt repentants convicted of terrorism charges and support them instead of marginalization and left them floundering in the mazes of extremism again.” “After the events of 11 September, my sister Sana and I put the headscarf on our heads and we went on praying,” Iman said. “Then we think we should not be on the sidelines, and we have to do some things like what bin Laden did.”

For her part, “Al Watan Now” wrote that María Trujillo, the former Minister of Housing in the Government of Thabatero and a professor of constitutional law and an adviser on education at the Spanish Embassy in Rabat, said that the results of the legislative elections held on 28 April will contribute to strengthening Moroccan- In many areas, stressing that there is no fear on the future of immigrants and Moroccan students in Spain after the victory of the Spanish Socialist Labor Party in the legislative elections.

Mohamed Marfouq, general secretary of the Moroccan Association for the Construction, Construction, Reconstruction and Development Sector (SMASCHU), reported that the social dialogue, for which all the outputs were not agreed upon by all parties, was “mined” in itself, Social congestion persists and will intensify over time. Many of the hotbeds of this congestion have not been extinguished, many of which are considered time bombs that may explode under increased pressure from within.

In the same vein, Abdelaziz Amalal, president of the National Technical Commission of Morocco, said that our body considers itself not interested in the results of such a social dialogue. “They wanted to transform the social dialogue from a space for negotiation and tripartite compatibility into listening and consultation sessions,” said Yunus Verachen, a member of the Executive Office of the KDS.

Mustafa Ghazi, who works as a trader, said the increase in wages for public administration and dusty employees was positive, but he did not agree to divide the increase into three years. Three years later, many surprises (food price increases) Or gas vials). Mohammed al-Khasri, general secretary of the National Union of Moroccan Engineers in the vocational training sector, said that the policy of the empty chair and boycott of trade union work will only generate more opportunists and opportunists.

In the same article, Sakaina al-Issawi, a grassroots activist, believes that the April 26, 2019 agreement is a camouflage to the people and that the government is trying to block the sun from the sieve, as if the government is trying to get out of the crisis by concluding such an agreement. To anticipate what might happen through the demonstrations of Fateh May, and that the decision of the Democratic Confederation of Labor was correct when it refused to sign the agreement.

According to the same source, the association of industrial economic actors Sidi Bernoussi, “Izdihar”, organized in cooperation with the Association of the industrial zone of Ain-Saba “Azian” a forum for discussion on the subject of “rent or purchase in 2019. In the same context, said Fatima Zahra Khairat, “We seek to introduce industrialists to logistics projects in the Bernoussi industrial area.

Zohour Kabbaj, general manager of the Sofat Krupp Group, said that renting logistics properties is the best solution for manufacturers. Mohammed Vikrat, Chairman of the Industrial Zone Association of Seven, said that buying logistics headquarters would boost competitiveness among manufacturers.