Read some of the weekly articles from the “Press Week” published, according to a Western source, that the Moroccan “frigate Mohammed VI” and “Fulado” Senegal isolate Mauritania.

In addition to the Moroccan and Senegalese maritime partners, the French naval vessel “Heneav”, with the participation of the French frigate “Mohamed VI” and “Fulado”, has established a field of operations that completely isolates the Mauritanian navy.

According to the weekly, this tripartite operation was carried out by sea passage from the port of San Pedro, on the coast of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire.

According to the source, the exercises turned into an exercise in support of the Senegalese navy, from its maritime economic zone “ZO”, in contact with the Maritime Operations Center “Com” in Dakar, under the surveillance of the Falcon 50 of the Senegalese Navy.

In another news item, the same weekly said that police officers had applied for passports at close intervals. It was not known whether the directive was directed by the public administration or was the coincidence that a large number of “police” were accepting passports.

According to the “Press Week”, the World Bank also issues written dictations to the Moroccan government. In addition to a source from within the Ministry of Economy and Finance, senior assistants from the Ministry of Economy and Finance dissolved the House of Representatives and revealed to some parliamentarians on the occasion of the approval of the Chamber of Deputies on two new laws relating to joint stock companies and solidarity companies. (In French) dictates literally to the Moroccan government the amendments it must make to its laws.

With the same weekly paper, which reported that the words “lived the king” and “lived the countryside”, which were drawn on the walls of the center of the occupied city of Ceuta, the Spanish security services were mobilized.

According to informed sources, the value of the aid that King Mohammed VI decided to provide for the restoration of the Church of Notre Dame was about 2 million euros, about 2 billion centimes, while France received promises of financial assistance after 24 hours Only about 600 million euros and 1 billion euros on the second day were generated by a group of countries from different continents, including Arab countries, while prominent French figures and companies topped the list of donors.

The same media source said that a recent report by Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed that Morocco is one of the largest importers of German weapons. Moreover, Morocco is the fourth largest customer of German arms, and comes immediately after the United States of America, Britain and Australia.

Al-Ayyam was concerned that Morocco was in its regional environment necessary to maintain the so-called “balance of military terror”. The aircraft’s electronic system allows correcting ballistic errors, identifying difficulties and hazards, adjusting the target at night or day, and how poorly the weather conditions are clearly and accurately observed by the pilot.

The Moroccan military budget will rise from $ 3.5 billion in 2018 to $ 3.9 billion in 2020, an increase of 2.80 percent, and the kingdom’s focus is shifting towards advanced weapons, the weekly added.

According to the SIPRI report, the Algerian Republic has been the largest importer of arms in Africa. By comparison, its military budget was three times that of Morocco, with a military spending rate of 3.4 billion dollars While Algeria’s military budget stands at 10.5 billion dollars.

In the same regard, the strategic expert in military affairs, Abderrahmane Makkawi, said the military deal concluded by the Royal Air Force completed the first deal involving 24 modern F-16 jet aircraft, and that the second deal was the first to respond to many of the risks facing Morocco and the region , And secondly to achieve some kind of balance in the context of the southern arms race known to the region.

And the “homeland now”, which published that the future of Morocco placed in the hands of “elite” and “minority” to take control of the decision, and move taps of wealth, and control the fate of the “majority,” a major headline of the failure of party institutions to turn the parliament to ” Not a “ranching ranch and rent-keepers”.

“Politicism has turned the party into a mere means of protecting personal interests rather than its contribution to the rotation of elites and the improvement of governance,” said Bouchti al-Zayani, professor of philosophy and sociologist at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah University in Fez.

Saadiya Benshli, a parliamentary deputy for the Socialist Party, said: “I feel that the responsibilities of the mandate remain hostage to two or three Moroccan parties.”

The same spokeswoman also said: “Unfortunately, women and young people are victims of the logic of complacency in taking responsibility according to the preference of the candidate for responsibility instead of the criterion of merit, which leads to a crack in the parliamentary group, and thus party, which results in a partisan fact that closes the door on competencies.