Read some newspaper articles on Thursday from Al-Alam that many Moroccans are facing several problems while applying for a Schengen visa at various European diplomatic missions in the Kingdom.

According to the same news, a group of citizens complained of the chaos experienced by a number of consulates and European embassies, which causes the long-term acceptance of the application of “Visa” or “Rondifo”, more than 3 months, with the cost of visa, which reached a thousand AED.

Al-Alam also reported that a state of boiling among Moroccan creators dominated most of the interventions during a national seminar organized by the Fikr Foundation for Culture, Development and Science last Tuesday evening in Rabat because of what they call “the digestion of their rights.”

Mohammed Al Darwish, head of the organization organizing this scientific event, said that the topic is of great importance due to the growing violations of the rights of authors and owners of neighboring rights, and the rampant phenomenon of piracy, theft and plagiarism due to the misuse of advanced technological means and equipment.

Al-Darwish called for comprehensive mobilization to raise awareness of the protection of intellectual property rights, to show its role and value in resisting the negative consequences of globalization, and to encourage investment, creativity and exchange of information and experiences, in accordance with the rules of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The newspaper “Akhbar al-Youm” reported that one of the defendants in the case of the residential complex “Badis” in Al Hoceima managed to flee outside the homeland, taking advantage of the court’s cancellation of the decision to close the border, which made him absent for the second time from the trial session on Tuesday at the Financial Crimes Court in Fez, Participation in embezzlement and waste of public funds, and fraudulent forgery in customary texts.

According to the same platform, the accused was the owner of a company based in Casablanca, specializing in major works of iron, carpentry and aluminum, and had received a deal from the real estate arm of C & D, the owner of the Badis project in Al Hoceima, Carpentry in this residential complex.

The same news that the head of the Criminal Chamber of the court itself decided to separate the status of the accused in the case of escape from the original file for the remaining defendants, pending the activation of the rule of absence in his right, which was determined by the judge session of the 28th of June.

The same newspaper reported that controversial appointments were made by the municipal agency in Marrakech. Officials and staff were appointed directly and outside the framework of the competition. While two internal games were held to choose the director of the legal and real estate affairs department, As well as the former acting Acting Head of the Urban Management Section.

Al Akhbar Al-Youm also reported that two secret reports of the European Commission have revealed a decline in the secret immigration flows in the southern Spanish coast in the last three months due to the tightening of Moroccan control along the northern coasts and the expansion of the rescue operation deep into Moroccan waters. All this comes after the signing of the new fishing agreement between Morocco and the European Union, as well as after the additional European financial support to Rabat, and after the visit of Spanish King Felipe VI to Rabat on 13 and 14 February, according to the same news item.

And the “Moroccan events”, which published that the fraud involved a collective adviser and 5 people, as a group from the center of the Royal Gendarmerie in the group Ras al-Ain red circle collective adviser and 5 accused on the basis of a complaint by a citizen, related to making false statements regarding a ground spot.

We read in the same source that ambiguity envelops the death of a couple inside their home in Fez. Reliable sources speculated that the husband, a group employee, had killed his wife in his house, before he decided to limit his life, leaving three children with a nervous breakdown of what they saw.

The “watering events”, as well as the water crisis that brought back to the fore these days, provoked the suburbs of the Strait, and specifically the Upper and Lower Cove area, one of the most important areas of groundwater and springs. Water “Eye of the Rock”. Residents of the area, residents and others, complained to the competent authorities expressing their rejection of the works.

The seal of the “Socialist Union”, which signaled the signing of a protocol for the completion of the project of the “El-Marg” liquid waste treatment plant for the olive presses of the community of Zayoun al-Sheikh (Beni Mellal) at a cost of 6.2 million dirhams last Tuesday; The headquarters of the state, was devoted to the ratification of a framework agreement to download the national strategy for sustainable development at the level of this body.

In another article in the same source, it was reported that the Association of Book Manufacturers in Morocco confirmed that local producers regularly cover the national needs of the books, stressing that there was no shortage of school books, and has not been registered so far.

Mohsen Saffrioui, Director General of the MedBieber Foundation, stressed at a press conference that the Book Manufacturers Association in Morocco will not hesitate to cover the national needs of the books and will continue to supply the entire market on a regular and efficient basis at the best prices.