We start the week-long press quiz tour of Al Masa, in which a US official told the newspaper that intelligence officials advised US President Donald Trump to avoid the AKP in Morocco and the Nahdha party in Tunisia, and to classify the Muslim Brotherhood and groups in its orbit, Which is close to them is subject to considerations affecting the activities of these groups, pointing out that the political activity and not only the religious aspect are key factors in the classification of branches of the Muslim Brotherhood or close to them.

The newspaper added that some of the American votes are the Justice and Development Party is close to the Muslim Brotherhood, and the decisive factor in the classification of religious groups is the activities of any organization, suggesting that political action remains an important factor in preventing any organization to be classified as a terrorist, adding that so far not been A decision to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

The same newspaper published that the Ministry of the Interior began to subject the men of the Authority to a comprehensive evaluation to review the conditions of promotion. The Directorate of the governors questioned dozens of officials in order to assess their work, and the last stations in the city of Al Hoceima, according to a ladder set by the Minister of Interior Abdul Wafi Fatit.

We also read in the evening that the International Energy Agency has revealed the inability of the Moroccan government to the lobby of oil distributors and manufacturers who invest in the sector; it has not succeeded in making them respect the laws it has adopted despite the financial and tax privileges it has developed to motivate and encourage them to invest in the sector.

Distributors and manufacturers do not respect their commitments to the government, especially at the level of securing the stock of these materials, which makes Morocco vulnerable to the risks posed by the international supply chain.

The same platform said the National Division was investigating suspicious auctions in which victims were buried in billions of centimes. Among the victims is a French citizen whose property was sold at an auction in Marrakesh without his knowledge, and was told in an address other than his address.

According to Al-Masa’a sources, six properties with high financial value were all missed for a newly established debt recovery company working with a bank.

Moroccan newspaper Al-Ahdab reported that Morocco has been included in the list of countries that extract half of its needs from the sand or more from its shores, according to a report issued by the United Nations Environment Program.

According to the same report, titled “Sand and Sustainability,” half of the sands of Morocco, about 10 million cubic meters per year, are extracted from illegal coastal sand, “in a clear reference to the so-called sand lobes that are involved in the depletion of this basic substance For construction and infrastructure facilities.

Moroccan juveniles also referred to the arrest of a policeman in Safi for allegedly charging a young woman with money for her work in the field of thermal energy.

According to the same source, the Spanish security services succeeded in dismantling a network led by Moroccans and Spaniards specializing in forging documents to obtain residence papers.

The “Moroccan events” that the number of elements of the network of 13 people, adding that the search is still underway to stop the rest of the network elements that are active in many of the Spanish cities.

Al-Yawm newspaper reported that the High Commissioner for Planning has launched a national research on the vulnerability of men to violence in all its forms, in which the experts will examine the views of a sample of men from different Moroccan cities between the ages of 15 and 74, , Both in public and private spaces, or at work, as well as via the Internet or in the marital home.

The Dutch source said that the Dutch MP Katy Perry posted on her Twitter page a message to Ahmed al-Zafzafi, the father of Nasser al-Zafzafi, calling on Dutch-Moroccan citizens of rural origin to vote heavily for the list of this deputy in the planned European elections. Organized in late May.

According to Akhbar Al Youm, the letter showed Kathy Berry’s standing with Zafzafi and his colleagues. From the beginning, she was targeting the voices of Dutch-speaking Dutch, so she led the campaign to defend the Al Hoceima detainees.

Al-Alam announced that the Frente POLISARIO had revived the anniversary of its establishment in a low atmosphere due to Algeria’s preoccupation with its popular movement. Observers expect that the change in Algeria will push towards the normalization of historical relations with Morocco and push forward to resolve the artificial dispute in the Moroccan Sahara.

In this context, Salman Bonaman, a researcher in international relations, believes that the solution in a Moroccan-Algerian dialogue is direct and responsible in the context of building a strong Maghreb bloc and overcoming the conflicting and confrontational legacy that covered the previous historical phase after the independence of the countries in North Africa. Result in a change in the Algerian position.

Morocco reported the largest increase in pepper sales in the last decade, rising 167.17 per cent last year. In 2018 Morocco exported 151.03 million kilograms of pepper worth 128.63 million euros at an average price of € 0.85 per kilogram. In 2009, Morocco exported only 56.53 million kilograms worth € 30.16 million.