We start by reading the articles of some weekend newspapers from Moroccan Events which published that the mother of the Danish young woman Louisa Fitzgarra Gisbrassen, a victim of the crime of Shamharouche, had the opportunity to visit Morocco to attend the trial of those accused of killing her daughter and Norwegian friend Marin Oland to visit the Shamhruch area, For a Danish channel.

According to Moroccan events, the mother of the victim confirmed, during her meeting with some civil society activists and some Emile residents who expressed their solidarity and condemnation of what happened, that she felt during her visit to Morocco the tolerance of the people of the country and accept them to the other, so what happened to her daughter Louisa with her friend Is not related to the culture and printing of Moroccans.

The same paper reported that Morocco had actively contributed to the launch of Go Travel, a counter-terrorism travel program, to build the capacity of States to prevent terrorist crimes and related travel by using advance information about passengers.

In the same forum, Morocco will share intelligence with its friends and allies in order to enhance their capacity to work effectively to monitor and prevent terrorist attacks and to conduct investigations and judicial proceedings thereon, including on travel.

Al-Massa reported that the anti-gang had managed to arrest a case-law person, who had been detained and violently accompanied by his family as a police inspector, who had gone to his family’s home to give him a summons for his involvement in a beating and wounding case.

The same newspaper reported that bulldozers of the Ministry of Equipment raided dozens of beach cafes and real estate in the ownership of businessmen in Tangier, Fnideq, Midiq, Bouznika, Temara and Casablanca, turned into tourist residences, within the framework of the implementation of judicial decisions and the liberation of the public domain.

According to the sources of the evening, the process of liberating the maritime king, before the summer, revealed tourist stays in the ownership of businessmen whose owners had licenses to establish cafes and seafood restaurants. It also revealed that some of those who were granted permits bypassed the cafeteria and restaurant services to ” “” Chairs “and” bronchial tents “.

Al-Masa’a also wrote that the Diyala centers issue false invoices in the name of pilgrims and pilgrims. Some centers are suspected of paying the missing portions to extract about 800 dirhams for each share.

According to the newspaper’s sources, the centers manage their relationship with the health insurance institutions on an annual basis. The various classes of up to 3 servings are automatically paid on a weekly basis, regardless of the absence of patients.

Al-Khobar added that these centers do not bear the cost of blood purification for patients abroad, including pilgrims and pilgrims, as this medical service is available free of charge in Saudi Arabia while in other countries it amounts to more than 4000 dirhams.

Al-Masa’a also reported that investigations by the Ministry of Health revealed the high incidence of nutrition-related poisoning during the month of Ramadan as a result of non-respect of restaurants, food shops and points of sale for health and hygiene. In the same vein, the Minister of Health, Anas Doukali, has sent a circular to regional directors of health to strengthen surveillance and raise awareness of the dangers of non-compliance with hygiene regulations and rules.

Al-Youm newspaper reported that the court of first instance in the city of Beni Mellal convicted a young man from the city with two years in prison and a fine of 2,000 dirhams on charges of defamation after publishing pictures and phone calls of elected officials.

According to Akhbar al-Youm, Idris Lashkar, the first writer of the Socialist Union Party, sued six federal advisers after they voted for the candidate of the Al-Mesbah party to head the municipality of Imantanut.

According to the same platform, Lashkar described their vote as deviant from the true militant behavior, which he said struck the internal democracy of his party.

For its part, published the “Socialist Union” that the Italian security forces managed to stop the Moroccan home accused of killing his wife in their home in the town of Borgoonovo on the highway on the outskirts of the town of Vinnitsa and was deposited in Venice prison.

The newspaper pointed out that the Italian gendarmerie managed to reach the accused who was with his two children, by tracking the numbers of his car pictures through public cameras.

The Socialist Union also reported that a mixed committee of the state of Marrakesh was able to reserve a quantity of milk and milk products prepared in unsuitable conditions for consumption in an unauthorized unit located in the territory of the Saadeh group of Marrakesh employment.

It is expected that the Prime Minister will present on Monday the interim outcome of the government, according to the agreement reached by Parliament with the representative of the government minister responsible for relations with Parliament and civil society.

According to the platform itself, a divergence of views marked the meeting last Monday devoted to this point, where the representative of the government to grant the Ottoman hour full to provide government proceeds; while opposed to the components of the opposition this time period in the direction of reducing by half or less, Weak and limited and does not require sixty minutes.

Al-Alam also reported that the first-class room in charge of anti-terrorism cases in the Court of Appeal in Salé accuse a taxi driver who is in pre-trial detention for three years in prison and a fine of 10,000 dirhams for “slipping” the video of the murder of two Scandinavian tourists in the area of ​​” “Whose head was separated from their bodies in late December 2018.