It seems that the repercussions of the Spanish program “En El Punto De Mira”, which was broadcast on Spanish channel “Cuatro Tv” about the alleged Moroccan “Escobar Morocco”, is still ongoing and will affect the objectivity and professionalism of the Spanish press and affect the reputation of the production company that prepared and prepared for the release of this The scenario, described by many as “lousy and detached from all the ethics of serious journalism.”

The company produced the work to defend the credibility of the program, claiming that the person filmed with him in Morocco is really a drug baron who earns large sums of money from this illicit trade, stressing that it clings to the denial of all the findings of the judicial search announced by the authorities Moroccan conflict immediately after the outbreak of the case.

Escape forward

Commenting on this Spanish response, a Moroccan official said that “the Spanish side preferred to escape forward rather than recognize the fact that the depth of the credibility of the Spanish press,” adding that the Spanish chose to stick to this scandal, which was based on verbal statements fraudulent, While the Moroccan position is based on documents, documents and judicial statements, is now in the hands of justice, confirms that the fourth Spanish channel published a classified reportage and media material flawed and imaginary.

The source asked with astonishment and disbelief: “How does Baron earn drugs 180,000 euros a month from the proceeds of drug sales still living with his mother in a very modest house in the old city of Tangier? And how to Baron was presented as Escobar Morocco does not have real estate in his name or his family or financial assets In banks, not a car or even a motorcycle or a regular? “.

He went on to ask questions such as “How can this famous Baron continue the night by guarding a car park for small sums of money?” Before confirming that it was legitimate questions that the Spanish production company and the Spanish channel had to answer before rushing to deny the truth merely for denial.

“The Spanish television channel and the production company, which is the subject of this scandal, must provide Moroccan and Spanish public opinion with a copy of the necessary photographic licenses issued by the Moroccan Film Center and the Moroccan Ministry of Communication to ensure that it is a self-respecting press that respects the laws of the countries in which it operates. As is the case in all countries of the world. ”

The same official added that “the scavenging and lying and fraud on the citizens and exploitation of their financial weakness to portray misleading and misleading films, is a disgraceful actions not related to the work of the journalist, but is closer to the crimes of white whites,” as he put it.

Furnishing the landscape

The same source reported that “the alleged Baron and mediator Shabtawi, who are currently in prison after being prosecuted by the Public Prosecution in Tangier for slandering and slandering organized bodies and reporting imaginary crimes that they do not know, have made serious statements about the Spanish network of journalists involved in This issue”.

He explained that “the red hat that was worn by the Moroccan Escobar, to conceal its features, as well as the hallucinogenic tablets that are famous in the reportage, are owned by the Spanish journalist, who used it to furnish the scenes of this work, all documented in the minutes of the hearing before the judicial police and the prosecution” .

The source concluded his statement that “the judicial procedure currently open to Moroccan justice carries many evidence and evidence that affect the professionalism and credibility of those who took out and prepare this reportport employer, and these, whether Channel IV or the producer, to provide convincing answers to the judicial statements made by the Baron The alleged translator and mediator, who accuse Spanish journalists of fraud and exploitation of the need.

“What will be the attitude of the Spanish television channel and the production company in the event that the car guard and the mediator stand up as complainants before the Spanish judiciary to demand reparation?” He asked. And how will the channel and the company respond to the Spanish civil judiciary in the case of filing a lawsuit to claim civil compensation? Will they cling to the denial of language also? “, In the words of the spokesman.