The press club in Morocco expressed its condemnation of what he described as “the great chaos known by the digital press sector in light of the fragmentation of the sector and its irregularity in professional associations or trade unions, as well as the imposition of people from outside the professional center on the sector that the state today seeks to structure and legal and professional development and support. Very complex circumstances “.

In a press release issued on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, the club added that it has been working with a group of actors in the sector to organize training courses for young people working in the field. “We believe in the press club that the organization of the sector professionally and legally is the basis of the future of journalism and digital media In our country, in light of the significant decline of paper press and the decline in sales of newspapers and their impact on public opinion as it was in the recent past.

The club also expressed its appreciation for the renewal of the blood of the Supreme Authority for Audiovisual Communication, “and its management by a well-known and efficient colleague,” adding that the renovation was “not reaching its scope.” The deadly deadlock that has dominated the audiovisual sector for years Preventing public information channels from playing their primary role in news, education and entertainment, and severing their connection to the Moroccan scenes in the face of fierce competition from the Gulf channels. It also runs in complete contradiction with Law 03/77 framing the audiovisual communication without renewing the books of campaigns and without holding a program as stipulated by law “He said.

The report also noted the “significant decline in the rates of watching public channels since 2012 (outside Ramadan) as a result of the poor management of their human, technical and financial resources, in addition to the deterioration of the professional level of private radio stations and the suffering of its employees at the social level.

The press club in Morocco ended his statement by stressing his solidarity with journalists Tawfiq Bouachrine and Hamid Mahdawi in their ordeal and the plight of their families. “With colleagues Mohamed Ahad, Abdelhak Belashkar, Abdel-Elah Sakhir and Kouther Zaki who were sentenced to unfair sentences, On trials based on chapters of the Criminal Code are incompatible with the Constitution and the Press and Publication Law. ”