The British television channel BBC, a 52-minute photographer, has tried to answer a key question about who will benefit from the trade in cannabis and cannabis in Morocco?

The interviewer interviewed journalists and police officers from Morocco and Spain. He also conducted a dialogue with Abdelhak Khayyam, director of the Central Office for Judicial Research, and gave several testimonies to former farmers and drug traffickers. He concluded that European criminal networks were the main beneficiaries of the spread of this trade between the two Average.

Aoun also interviewed a former Moroccan authority who was in an asylum situation in the city of Melilla and who presented himself as an informer to the Moroccan authorities. He also charged a number of security officials with the city of Nador for allegedly possessing drugs.

In a comment on these allegations transmitted by the Aoun of the isolated authority Mohammed al-Khulali, a security source confirmed that “the Directorate General of National Security has already reacted seriously with similar statements published by the Moroccan newspaper Al-Sabah, quoting the concerned, about three years ago, National judicial police to verify these accusations and allegations, but the judicial search did not result in the confirmation of those charges, which turned out in the last they are just malicious statements.

The source stressed that “the national security interests categorically deny the registration of any systematic collusion with drug traffickers, stressing in return that judicial research is conducted in the light of all communications and complaints and complaints attributed to police officers, to cut with all the supposed personal slips.”

Mohammed al-Kholali, a former power agent in the city of Nador, had applied for asylum in Spain, presenting himself as a runaway spy from Morocco, before sources inside Nador’s labor revealed that it was a power of attorney, an urban lieutenant, who was isolated in 2015 After having been involved in the commission of criminal cases and the commission of acts of dishonesty and integrity.

According to the available information on the administrative process of the aid of the isolated authority, it is clear that he worked for a limited period in the first urban district of Nador, before he was finally dismissed from work after being brought to justice in January 2014 after being involved in a fraud case and its use, For which she was initially convicted for one year in prison. The petitioner was also referred, on a second occasion, to the attention of justice in a case involving the misuse of third party identification documents for the purpose of organizing illegal immigration.

The same sources wondered how “a BBC-style global channel is falling into the trap of bidding and accusations by people convicted of honor and integrity cases who are not hesitant to fabricate lies and allegations to harm the image of their country of origin in the hope of obtaining documents of residence in Europe “He said.