Despite the campaign of severe attacks on the program because of the strange landfills and lack of human dimension, some of which reached the courtyards of the Egyptian judiciary, Ramiz Jalal continues to inflict his victims in life-threatening landfills by throwing them on an island and being chased by a terrifying gorilla.

The first episodes of the program “Rams in the waterfall” have been widely criticized, especially after the Lebanese artist Wael Jassar suffered a strong injury in the left foot, and suffocation of the Egyptian football player retired Rida Abdul Ali for spending four hours under water, knowing that he has diabetes.

“I was overweight because of my diabetes,” he said, adding that he would have died when he fell into the water. He told the staff that he was sick and could not be bothered. : “I made a great effort during spending four hours in the water to save myself from drowning, and hit the girl who was attracted to me and almost suffocated because of them.”

In response to the accusations of fabricating the ring, Abdali said that the episode was not fabricated, stressing that when he heard the voice of the gorilla felt that the world darkened around him and began to chant the certificate for fear of devouring, pointing out that his daughter cried when watching the episode, and his family asked him to stay A lawsuit against Ramez Jalal.

The Lebanese artist Wael Jassar is also injured in the left foot during the first stage of the mold, and after the emergence of the gorilla was horrified amid the falls of Indonesia, prompting Ramez to abandon the mask quickly to calm the victim of the third episode of the program of the fit of anger he suffered.

The idea of ​​the program, “Rams in the Waterfall,” presented by MBC, is based on the illusion of the guest that he is drowning on a boat in an Indonesian island with a member of the program team. The victim tries to swim to a nearby island to survive, To the island she is surprised that she is also drowning, and amidst all this horror show his gorilla to increase the stirring position, and the gorillas are the Jalal Ramiz.