The first session of the trial of journalist Tawfiq Bouachrine, owner and founder of Akhbar al-Youm, in the month of Ramadan, was not interrupted by skirmishes and tension between his defense and the prosecution.

The meeting, which was held on Tuesday, the first day of the holy month of Ramadan in the Kingdom, was attended by Captain Muhammad Zayan, the journalist’s defense, Bouachrin, from the question of the sessions during the day and the length of Ramadan, and the impact on the litigants. .

The representative of the Public Prosecution responded to what Captain Zian said by saying: “O God, I am fasting.” This was not accepted by Captain Ziyan, and he considered it a provocation. He replied: “I am now 76 years old and fast.

The response of the Public Prosecution representative to the former captain Mohammed Zayan angered the rest of the lawyers’ colleagues. Saad al-Sahli intervened and asked the head of the board, Hassan al-Talfi, to intervene in order to protect his colleague from what he considered to be an insult to his dignity.

The session witnessed the continuation of members of the defense of the journalist in the pleading in order to lift the “arbitrary detention” of their client based on the recommendations of the UN report, where lawyer Abdul Mawla al-Mururi asked the Commission to decide on the “illegal situation of the continued detention of Bouahrin.”

The lawyer himself stressed that the court is obliged to determine the status of the accused before proceeding to trial, because his status is illegal, pointing out that the lack of legal answers justifying the continuation of his detention will make his defense is not reassuring.

In turn, lawyer Saad al-Sahli spoke of the continued detention of Bouachrin, and said that the government had informed his client of its response to the UN report implicitly by keeping him in detention at Ain Barja prison in Casablanca.

The Spokesman himself noted that in its interaction with the Rapporteur, the Government had already applied for reconsideration of the decision, but that request had been rejected.

Al-Sahli called for the inclusion of the UN report calling for the lifting of the “administrative detention” of his client, Tawfiq Bouachrine, to the documents of this case, based on the letters of King Mohammed VI.

The Commission was forced to adjourn the hearing and delay it until next Tuesday, in response to a petition filed by the journalist Bouahrin for feeling faint because of the length of time he spent in the court, which extends from morning until 5 pm.

It is expected that the next session of the trial of Bouahrin will hear the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Mohammed al-Masoudi, on the defense arguments of the accused regarding the UN report and their request to include the file documents.