Three Egyptian comedies compete to attract audiences and viewership in Ramadan, where Sameh Hussein al-Khayyal lives, and Ramiz Jalal, accompanied by a gorilla and Hani Ramzi, explodes.

The comedian Sameh Hussein will appear next Ramadan with a group of young talents and stars through the “The Role on Maine” show on the Egyptian channel “Ten” where they present a range of games.

Sameh Hussain told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that the idea of ​​the program is based on imagination and improvisation, as comedy explodes through a series of games and sudden, illogical situations, which are placed in front of young stars to represent them in representative positions in front of the audience in the studio.

He added that in each episode of the program, the audience will be on a date with four players and new comedic positions.

Hussein expressed his happiness for the second consecutive year in the program, pointing out that the program achieved great success last year, hoping that the audience will be impressed, especially after the changes that he described as “surprise” this year.

“The role on Maine?” Is the Arabic version of the most popular comedy show in Britain, “Whose Line Is It Anywhere”, which offers 11 copies around the world, which has maintained the lead for ten consecutive years, as the most powerful comic comedy show in most local channels, Watch.

In the coming Ramadan, Ramiz Jalal will be watching his audience through “Ramez in the Waterfall”, accompanied by Gorilla as he performs a comedy on an East Asian island called by the stars. The program is shown on MBC’s screen in Egypt, according to a press release.

The idea of ​​the program, according to the statement, is based on the delusion of the guest that he is drowning on a boat in an Indonesian island with a member of the program team. The victim tries to swim to a nearby island to survive, but after arriving on the island he is surprised that the island is also drowning. That horror show him a gorilla to increase the stirring position, and the gorilla will be Ramz Jalal.

The artist Hani Ramzi finished filming all the episodes of the “Hani in Mine” program, which is shown on the screen of Egyptian life.

The introduction of the technical programs Bossi Shalabi star Hani Ramzi in the presentation of the program, which revolves around inviting guests to open an archaeological area in the oases, in the framework of the revitalization of tourism in Egypt.

The guest will meet before heading to the archaeological area with Bossi Shalabi to have a quick dialogue with him in a tent before taking him in a car to the area to be opened. Suddenly, the gasoline runs out of the car in the desert. A state of horror accompanied by comedy.

The “Hani in Mine” program falls under the category of comedy programs, according to an official statement of the company producing the program.