Curation Policy

Here in santeretbienetre we love really superior content for our readers. In that spirit we will often curate or excerpt content from amazing sources online.

The specific internet itself has been produced on the foundation of linking, sharing, and also recommending excellent content from various sources online. Curation means finding great, well-written, and totally significant substance for our readers.

By choosing articles from the site, we are giving it our vote of approval. This not only indicates that we excerpt your content, but we also give it our best recommendation, and we invite our visitors to have a look over your content onto your website using a direct link back your origin material.

Our curation is intended to send our traffic to your site so you get new visitors exposed to a high exceptional content.

We curated your posts since it’d been outstanding in certain fashion.

If you need us not to curate content in the internet site, just contact usrequest your narrative be dismissed.

We will immediately comply with your take down request, and put you on our listing of sites not to excerpt from.

Most publishers and websites are incredibly happy for additional exposure and readership to their own substance as a result of their own curation.

Curation Policy:

Most online publishers understand the value of having their stories and articles:

  • quoted
  • commented on
  • debated
  • shared
  • linked to
  • have fresh subscribers vulnerable for their articles

Social sharing of great content expands its reach, influencetraffic levels, and finally the gain of the original author’s website.

We are excerpting your posts to inform our clients, and to point then to the original source of the excerpt.

We want our customers to detect and visit your posts, and your own site. We’d want you to be happy that we quoted, referenced or utilized your posts.

“Fair Use” standards, practices, and legal decisions are still evolving online. We like to think our standards really are a cut above the only legal interpretation of fair use.

We have higher standards than”Fair Use.” We work hard for”windmill Utilization.”

In case you are not thrilled to be excerpted and linked to by our site, simply tell us. We will immediately fix the circumstance.

We excerpt your posts the particular exact same way we anticipate others will curate our posts.

If you like a story on the site, feel free to excerpt it liberally as you need. In return please just give us apparent charge, link to the original page on the site, and some reinforcement for interested subscribers to visit our original site page.

Take up to our own posts as you think your readers will love. Just link, credit, and invite the reader to observe the original site.

  • That is what we do.
  • That is precisely what constructed the internet.
  • That is precisely what societal sharing is all about.
  • Everybody gains using shared posts following this policy.

Most Importantly…

Sharing and curation and excerpting standards are still evolving online. Our standards of may differ from yours.

If you want us to become more generous with links and bill let’s. In case you believe your story has had a great deal of excerpted, let us know.

We’ll repair it immediately.

Use our contact form if you have any queries concerning the policies outlined here.

We also publish articles. We request our internet website users additionally comply with all these curation guidelines, but can not police every single entrance.

if you’re a copyright proprietor want stuff removed from our site, please visit our DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) policy and take down procedure.