The trial of journalist Tawfiq Bouachrine, the founder of Akhbar al-Youm, and the first-time convicted of trafficking in human beings, was not interrupted by arguments between his defense and the defense of the complainants, as in previous sessions.

The session, which was held on Friday night and lasted until 10 pm, led to clashes and clashes between Captain Muhammad Ziyan, on the one hand, and civil rights claims and the prosecutor’s representative on the other.

The second session of the appeal phase was marked by the entry of Captain Ziyan in the face of the civil rights claims defense and the Deputy General Prosecutor of King Mohammed al-Masoudi, where counsel spoke of coordination between the Public Prosecutor’s Office and civil rights claims defense.

“The lifting of the administrative detention of my client and his trial in the case of his release will not harm the rights of the other parties, despite the fact that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has made secret agreements with the defense of the presumed victims,” ​​said Captain Zean.

The civil rights lawyer, who asserted that they were complaining, rebelled, adding that “we are lawyers and independent, we are not hired or we make secret agreements.” And demanded their colleague to apologize for what was issued, waving to withdraw from the meeting.

The representative of the Public Prosecution also criticized the statement made by the former Minister of Human Rights. He said: “It is not fit. It is shameful that the defendant’s defense says that the Public Prosecution is making secret agreements with the defense of the victims.”

The Deputy Attorney-General continued: “We as a public speaker listen to our argument on lifting the state of detention, and did not let us hear this talk, which we are reluctant to comment on or go down to this level,” and called on the Commission “to include this speech in the minutes of the meeting to arrange Legal effects “.

Captain Mohammed Ziyan did not hesitate to refer to the representative of the Public Prosecution, where he considered that the Deputy Attorney-General threatened by confirming the need to record what he said in the minutes, hinting to resort to the UN Rapporteur against him, which made the chairman, Hassan Talfi, To adjourn the meeting because of the chaos.

At the beginning of the hearing, the court heard arguments as to why the civil rights lawyer asked to take the floor to comment on what Ziyan had said at the previous session regarding the arbitrary detention of journalist Tawfiq Bouachrine, asserting their right to discuss the matter. Shall be between the Deputy General Prosecutor of the King and the defense of the accused only.